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Catered for small businesses and organizations, our group is fully dedicated to your success.


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We have an extensive track record of helping bring businesses to the top. In Hawaii and in need of web design? The Creative Co. is here to help.

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You have delicious food, and people deserve to know about it! We work extensively with platforms such as Yelp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help make sure the locals know where to go.

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We love working with Non-Profit organizations in Hawaii. We will help you promote your cause through quality web design, professional photography and high rankings on Google.

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The Creative Co. enables clients to have an online presence with strategic Hawaii SEO and social media marketing campaigns. Hawaii small businesses and entrepreneurs must market their companies effectively and efficiently to compete in a competitive economy. Proven results from our efforts to each of our clients have allowed them to surface side by side or higher than their competitors (Law Firms, Retail, Nonprofits, and Restaurants). As certified Squarespace Circle Members, you can trust we understand the ins and outs of content management systems.

Optimizing websites with Hawaii SEO tools and algorithms enables businesses to have maximum visibility and the highest rankings on search engine results. We're always looking to partner with innovative companies who want and believe in the value of having an equitable online presence.


Trusted by local businesses and organizations


Be above your competitors. Literally.


Search Engine Optimization (Honolulu SEO) is an internet marketing strategy that follows algorithms of search engines to hit a moving target. Proper SEO can increase your website ranking to have more visibility for keyword searches. Search engines have bots that crawl through websites every few weeks to rank the relevant content on your website.  If your website has been well optimized, the search engines rank your website higher than your competitor. There are two types of SEO services: Paid and Unpaid (organic) searches. Companies can tap out their bank accounts with paid searches. Organic searches are done by strategically placing codes and keywords throughout the website, which can push your website ranking above your competitors and eventually on Google Page 1.


Interact with those you care about.


Interacting with your clients to provide better customer service and information are the keys to the present and future. The various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) can help boost your website's Hawaii SEO ranking as well.  Your company's clients and followers have bought or will buy your product and/or service.  Give them a reason to share links about sales, upcoming releases, breaking news, or any exciting information about your organization like promotions, job openings, etc. Social Media downfall can also happen if you don't hire the right team to promote your mission and brand in the most effective and efficient way possible. The Suu Foundation's Facebook page grew to over 20,000 likes within a six month span after having The Creative Co. launch their Hawaii social media management campaign.


Don’t just say it. Show it.


People understand things and places mainly by what they can see. Professional photography can boost your company from good to great. High quality images give clients and customers a better picture (no pun intended) of what your focus is. At The Creative Co., we provide professional Hawaii photography and videography from Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Landscape Photography and Architectural Photography. With an assortment of lenses and cameras, no project is too big or small for us.


What's a company without a face?


People need to remember who you are. They need to put an image to a product. Without branding, a company will never be able to achieve the potential they have. People will literally buy the branding. At The Creative Co., we have a dedicated team of professional graphic designers (with Hawaii logo design) who have designed for numerous startup companies that have become successful businesses. Using the latest technologies in computing and art, we will give your company a face.